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EPOCH : A time that will always be remembered

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EPOCH : A time that will always be remembered

Judul                  : EPOCH : A time that will always be remembered

 Penulis            : Adinda Latifah Putri | Amanda Pramissi Putri | Angelia Septiani | Anggi Pertiwi | Dina Nurmanda Sari | Fiqri Rhomadon | Muhamad Alif Wirahadi Y | Nur Faridatul Hidayah | Prameswari Husnul Khotimah | Rahmaida Rifqoh | Sevia Meynica | Tsania putri | Venny Oktavia

 Ukuran            : 15,5 x 23 cm

Cover              : Soft Cover





“Epoch” provides a number of deep themes, including love, sadness, the bitterness of life, hope, and life in an abstract aspect. Life is the central theme that flows through every page of this poetry book, creating a picture of the human journey involving struggle, hope, and reflection on the realities of life.  Each poem summarizes various feelings, from the joy of love to the pain of sadness, as well as the feelings of longing, hope and regret that often color life.

Life, as a human experience, is also the focus of this book. Readers will find poems that describe a life full of struggle, hope and regret. The author also includes themes related to everyday life such as coffee, mother’s love as well as ethics and prayer to strengthen the emotions in this book.

With a variety of interrelated themes, “Epoch” invites readers to reflect on the reality and beauty that exists around them. This book is a poetic journey that combines various aspects of life in a collection of powerful and moving stories. Enjoy an emotional adventure through the meaningful poems in this book.


EPOCH : A time that will always be remembered

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